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K-POP idol hair and makeup model revealsす
Immediate effect Korean beauty cosmetics buyer's guideイド

By Mie Kawamura著

Why Korean cosmetics are so effective and why shopping for Korean cosmetics is fun. We will also explore the back of the Korean beauty skin beauty leg manufacturing factory. You can see the secret of Korean beauty from beauty omoni and Korean ingredients.秘密がわかる!

Patent troll

By Hideki Ishibashi著

What is the actual work of a person called the patent mafia? A full-fledged economy where young people in the intellectual property department of a major car navigation maker collaborate with the patent mafia to take over the company. novel本格派経済小説

Sandwich weather

By Nahomi Edamoto著

Includes 37 scenes where you want to make as many sandwiches as you like, with bread and ingredients as you like, and 59 recipes that inspired you. A new world of sandwiches opens up.広がります。

Until I become a kidnapper。
~Proceedings war with crazy ex-husband~

By Mika Yamashita著

Mika divorced from the absurdity of her youngest husband in an international marriage when she returned to Japan with her child, but her ex-husband was involved in an unreasonable trial in a crazy proceedings mania.戦った母の記録。

When Saki's face is brushedくと
Why you succeed in businessか

By Hiroshi Kida著

Egao Saki, who springs from the bottom of my heart, is the ultimate communication technique that attracts business opportunities.ーション術。
A book that teaches the low-cost rules of success that are now practiced by hundreds of companies across Japan一冊。


k.m.p. Midori Nakagawa by Jericho Muramatsu著

A little ugly panda pants with red pants as a landmark. Play alone today with water, wind, sound, mirror, pen and lips.りあそび。
Healed 4 frames depicting the strange daily life of Pantsudaマ。

The secret of job hunting for TV stations
If you show me a panchira, I'll pass!

By Akihiro Shimoda著

It is full of successful examples of job hunting activities of TV stations that can be written by the author who has received more than 100 interviews. Of course, it can also be used by the media other than TV stations and general companies.就活奮闘記。



Shopping guide to save the world
Causebrand Handbook

By Naokatsu Nomura著

「Cause brand is a product or service that can help solve social problems by purchasing. Let's start social contribution that can be done just by buying 66 cause brands.ンドを収録。



Confession woman
~Destiny-changing confession 51~

By Takashi Kimura著

A woman who succeeds in confessing and fulfills her love is called a confession woman Kokujo.い恋愛指南書。


By David Hovas/作
Translated by Mayumi Naruse訳

Kurekurekuma always wears a selfish crown and cloak and flirts with everyone. If you open your mouth, this will come and go.みんないなくなってしまい…。