Isn't the common sense of job hunting wrong?
The real common sense is in this book

An interesting depiction of the selection of TV station job hunting activities. And it is a book that draws out the rules and know-how to win the job offer of the TV station from the success experience and failure experience that many TV station job hunters can laugh at.


■ A man who declared to NHK that he didn't pay the license fee and decided to do so !? ■ "You can swallow a certain juice at once!" Women's off-color humor battle ■ Unique to the announcer entry sheet! How to choose "4 photos" ■ Camera test is a high-level performance tournament !? ■ Must-see for business bureau aspirants! A story that will be dropped even if you are impressed ■ Final interview! Vs How to fight the president

Job hunting at a TV station that is rumored to be "unless you do something strange". But what is the line between "I want to hire because it's funny" and "I don't want to hire because it's a weirdo" ?? A usable "exciting job hunting reader" sent by the author who has visited more than 50 TV stations nationwide from key stations to local stations. 』!!

[Book title] If you show the panchira, it will pass!
[Author] Akihiro Shimoda
[Issue] Title Co., Ltd.
[Appearance] A5 deformed size
[ISBN] 978-4-904500-02-6
[Release date] June 19, 2009
[Category] Job hunting book


Author: Naokatsu Nomura
Writer / critic. Born in 1985. Graduated from Waseda University Faculty of Commerce.
He also has a face as a talk artist and shows his unique perspective and insight at live houses in Tokyo. An up-and-coming young man who is attracting attention. After graduating from the high school attached to the National Tokyo Gakugei University, he lost sight of his life goals when he fell into the Johnny's Jr. audition in his first year of college. Experienced the first stage at the company, The Globe Tokyo, in the second year of university. From the third year, he started taking the TV station announcer and general profession exams, and in the three years until graduation, he had well over 100 interviews.


  • Published in "Da Vinci"

    October 2009 issue

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    September 2009 issue

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    July 27, 2009