As much bread and ingredients as you like
Feast with scissors! sandwich

When do you want to make a sandwich?
I want to bring it to cherry blossom viewing, I have a lot of summer vegetables, I want to read a book in the park, I want to make the party gorgeous ...
A fun, delicious, easy-to-use sandwich recipe that you've never encountered before was born. Includes 59 sandwich recipes by scene.


Recipe example
"Sakura baguette" because I love cherry blossoms
"Strawberry sandwich" because I want to decide a little fashionably
When you want to eat comfortably "Toast Open Sandwich"
I wanted to experiment, so "Goya Burger"
What to bring to the pool is "pool lunch sandwich"
"French toast chestnut sandwich" that autumn does not come unless you eat chestnuts
I'm addicted to grilled sandwiches! "Croque monsieur"
I want you to say "Wow!" "Meatball Sandwich"
"MAGURO de SAND" because it's going to be a wonderful night
Japanese-style sandwich "Kamaboko Sandwich" etc. for the rest of the New Year
Includes 59 recipes and 37 scenes where you want to make sandwiches! !!

[Book title] Sandwich weather
[Author] Nahomi Edamoto
[Issue] Title Co., Ltd.
[Appearance] A5 vertical parallel production
[ISBN] 978-4-904500-07-1
[Release date] April 19, 2010
[Genre] Cooking


Author: Nahomi Edamoto
Cook. Nicknamed "Edamon".
An unpretentious, life-sized, but slightly twisted recipe teaches you the joy of "cooking can be spread by the maker." Also, while thinking about the ingredients for cooking, he formed a "team propagule" to support production sites such as agriculture and fisheries. We are trying hard to put things that are thrown away in the field, such as yam bulb buds, "mukago", and things that are out of the standard and cost a lot.


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    July 2010 issue

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    August 2010 issue

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    July 2010 issue

  • Published in "Nikkei MJ"

    July 26, 2010

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