Selfish, but cute
Selfish, but cute

The popular character "Ugly Doll,"

The first picture book by David Horvath, known for the popular character "Agri Doll" and "Little Pony" from NHK Educational TV's "Let's Play with Our Bodies," has landed in Japan!


Kurekurekuma-chan is always selfish.
Whenever she opens her mouth, she says, "Give me that," "Give me this,"
That's the only way she knows how to interact with people.
Naturally, Kumachan is all alone. But only the turtle said, "Okay.
That's when Kuma-chan changed.

[Book title] Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
[Author] David Horvath
[Publisher] Title Corporation
[Style] Hardcover 25.6 x 20.6 cm cm
[ISBN] 978-4-904500-00-2
[Release date] November 28, 2009
[Classification] Picture book


Author: David Horvath
David Horvath and his wife, Sang-Min Kim, are the creators of the popular toy, Agri-Doll. Agri-Doll has become a worldwide hit and won the Toy of the Year and Parents' Choice awards from the Toy Industry Association of America in 2006. David and Kim are also the creators of the popular Japanese animation, Little Pony. BOSSY BEAR is David's first picture book.
David lives in Los Angeles.


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