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"1L for 10L" This is a catch phrase of the water "Volvic" sold at convenience stores and supermarkets. It shows that if you buy 1L of water in Japan, you can contribute to the creation of 10L of water in Africa.
A brand that can contribute to solving social problems through shopping is called a "Cause brand".


The "21st Century Social Design Study Group Cause Retailing Marketing Study Group" will introduce the activities of various brands from a professional and impartial standpoint, and what kind of social contribution the product purchase will lead to. In addition, we will introduce the background and outline of the brand.
In addition, we interviewed celebrities with social influence who are actively engaged in social contribution activities as "Cause Leaders".
We will also introduce the cause brands recommended by model SHIHO, Gospellers Yoichi Kitayama, aroma therapist Maki Ohashi, Sustaina representative Miyako Maekita, and World Bank Tokyo office manager Mari Ogiso.

[Book title] Shopping guide to save the world
[Author] Naokatsu Nomura
[Issue] Title Co., Ltd.
[Appearance] Made in 46 sizes
[ISBN] 978-4-904500-02-6
[Release date] November 28, 2009
[Category] Social contribution


Author: Naokatsu Nomura
Member of 21st Century Design Research Society, Japan Public Relations Society, Japan NPO Society
Presided over "Cause brand Cafe"(http://csr-marketing.cocolog-nifty.com/).. Representative of "21st Century Social Design Study Group Cause Related Marketing Study Group".(http://www.socialdesign-academy.org/)Graduated from the Department of Scandinavian Literature, Faculty of Letters, Tokai University, and completed the master's program at the Graduate School of Social Design, Rikkyo University. After working for a company, he is currently conducting research activities at the University of Tsukuba Graduate School.


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