"The law of success without spending money"
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The ultimate communication technique!

Become a person who "wants to work together" and "wants to cooperate"!
Business skill improvement advice practiced as a "law of success without spending money" in hundreds of companies all over Japan


Saki-face is something that you can enjoy from the bottom of your heart. This word was originally consciously written by folklorist Kunio Yanagita as "smile" and "bloom" in the essay "Woman's Saki Face". In contrast to the "smile" that sometimes hurt the other person, the "bloom" is the one that includes kindness and modesty toward the other person.

The author has noticed "blooming" in his life, learned about its power, and has improved his life by polishing the "blooming face" that has risen to his facial expression. You actually go bankrupt and crawl up from the bottom of your life with a lot of debt with just one "blooming face". Currently, he is a lecturer at corporate training and seminars 250 times a year, becoming a evangelist who conveys "blooming face" throughout Japan, and is now practiced as a "law of success without spending money" in hundreds of companies. I did. Sakigami is the ultimate communication technique that facilitates relationships and attracts business opportunities. We will show you the secret of "How to brush your face" to improve your business skills and become a person who "wants to work together" and "wants to cooperate".

[Book title] When you polish your face
              Why you succeed in business
[Author] Hiroshi Kida
[Issue] Title Co., Ltd.
[Appearance] Made in 46 sizes
[ISBN] 978-4-904500-05-7
[Release date] January 15, 2010
[Genre] Business


Author: Hiroshi Kida
Saki face magician, storyteller, calligrapher
Hiroshi Kida Research Institute Co., Ltd. URL: www.kidaken.co.jp
Born in Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture in 1945. In 1972, he discovered self-expression speaking ability, which is the source of vitality, from his research on speaking style, and established a "speaking path" that asks how to live beyond the only way of speaking in Japan. In 1995, Hiroshi Kida Research Institute was established. He travels all over the country and holds many lectures and company training. In addition, we are enthusiastically working on social contribution activities such as "Meeting to Support Nazareth Garden" and "Inner Mongolia Tree Planting Activity". "Calligraphy", which has blossomed its own sensibility, has been held at home and abroad.