Master of playing alone
Pantsuda's funny everyday.

It is k.m.p. This time I wrote a book about our secret friend, "Pantsuda".
If you wear red pants and shake your hips, it's proof that you're fine.
Thank you for your cooperation.


A little ugly panda who comes in red pants.
And a master of playing alone.
With water, wind, sound, a mirror, a pen, and a lips, I'm still playing alone today. Looking like this, I also do muscle training and running.

[Book title] Pantsuda
[Author] k.m.p
[Issue] Title Co., Ltd.
[Appearance] B6 deformation 11.8 x 18.2 cm
[ISBN] 978-4-904500-04-0
[Release date] March 1, 2010
[Genre] Picture book


Author: k.m.p
Midori Nakagawa, Jericho Muramatsu.
A unit of two people who wants to run through while doing something fun. My main work is to write books such as travel diaries, essays, picture books, notebooks, etc., serialize them here and there, make miscellaneous goods, and design prints. Pantsda is marked by red pants, but you don't want to know the color of our pants.


  • Published in "MOE"

    November 2009 issue

  • "Mantan Web"
    Was published in

    August 2009

  • Published in "Manga Navi"

    August 2009