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The first non-fiction!

Married a longing foreign man at a popular working holiday destination. However, there is an astonishing ideal and reality of international marriage. Domestic violence, abuse, racism in court.
The cost of trials in a foreign country has risen to about 16 million yen, and an arrest warrant will be issued as a kidnapper when the child is finally taken away! ??
Asahi Shimbun The true story of the shock that was taken up on the social side, the social issues of interest, the first book! !!


Mika married a local man in Australia, a working holiday destination. Divorced because of disgust at her husband who does not work and does not put money. What was waiting there was a battle with a former husband who is a litigation enthusiast.
Domestic violence, abuse, racism in court, swelling court costs. The reality of an unimaginable international divorce falls on Mika, who suffers alone in a foreign land.
Meanwhile, when I was forced to return home with my children due to my father's seriousness ..., an arrest warrant was issued and I became a kidnapper!
Is it a crime to bring my daughter back to Japan? No one helps, only my mother can protect my children!

[Book title] Until I become a kidnapper
[Author] Mika Yamashita
[Issue] Title Co., Ltd.
[Appearance] Made in 46 sizes
[ISBN] 978-4-904500-06-4
[Release date] March 1, 2010
[Genre] Note


Author: Mika Yamashita
The author's woman wrote about her blogging experience as a record of the trial, so that fewer people would have the same pain as herself. Then, I got a lot of sympathy from women in the same position and people thinking about international marriage and divorce, and it came to occupy the top of the "international marriage" and "international divorce" blog rankings (the monthly access exceeded 1 million by word of mouth alone). I did. (Author's blog "Why I was wanted for my ex-husband's identity My ex-husband was a litigation enthusiast-Marinko's international divorce-" (


  • Published in "Da Vinci"

    June 2010 issue

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    June 2010 issue

  • Published in "Weekly Women"

    April 20, 2010 issue