Ultra light, long-lasting sharpness. Chef-approved kitchen knife "ZENKO FUSION"

What do you look for in a kitchen knife?

Why do you still use knives that don't cut?

Are you fed up with having to sharpen your knives so often?

Do you want a stylish and high quality <br /> kitchen knife that will make cooking fun?

By combining the characteristics of high quality steel knives with the benefits of ceramic coating, these knives are It combines hardness with long-lasting sharpness, resulting in a very well-balanced kitchen knife.
This kitchen knife provides excellent sharpness on both vegetables and meat, and even after cutting sticky foods, it is very easy to clean and drain
. The seamless one-piece construction does not allow bacteria or corrosion to accumulate.

With kitchen knives that are both sharp and hard,
you can enjoy a stress-free kitchen life.

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"Kitchen Life. "A Full Set to Enrich Your Life"

A chef's knife is a multi-purpose knife, known as a gyuto in Japan. Naturally, this knife is a mainstay product in the kitchen. With its long blade, it is a versatile knife that can be used for any kind of food, cutting vegetables and fruits into halves or wedges, chopping nuts and herbs, dicing ingredients, and doing fine work with the tip of the blade.

Santoku knives (Santoku knives) are most commonly used in Japanese households, and are also known abroad as Santoku, and in recent years have become popular among many chefs in the West It is also popular among many Western chefs. It is a smaller knife than the chef's knife and is a very good all-around knife for many tasks. This knife reduces friction and prevents the material from sticking to the blade.

The Utility Knife fills the gap between a Santoku knife and a pairing knife. This all-purpose knife is perfect for a variety of tasks, including slicing fruits and citrus and cutting smaller items such as berries. It has a small serrated blade in the middle of the blade to help cut through the skin of vegetables. This is why it is commonly referred to as a "tomato knife".

A knife that is even smaller than a utility knife used for peeling vegetables and fruits. With its narrow blade width and pointed tip, it is a very useful knife suitable for decorative and craft cutting. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Bread knife is a knife for cutting bread without crushing it. Bread dries and deteriorates rapidly from the surface when it is cut, so it is best to cut it just before eating. However, if you try to cut it with a knife, you will crush it. This corrugated blade brings the aroma and texture of the bread to your table without crushing it. It also allows you to cut pizza and other foods as beautifully as bread.
Cutting Board catches bread crumbs without making a mess. It catches bread crumbs without making a mess and eliminates the hassle after cutting bread. The cutting board's saucer can be used not only for bread but also for catching scrap vegetables that come out when cutting vegetables.

Q. Why is it coated with ceramic?

>> By coating high quality steel made in Japan with ceramic, we can have the advantages of ceramic knives: light weight, easy to handle, excellent sharpness, overwhelmingly long-lasting sharpness, no rust, no metallic smell, and resistance to acids and alkalis! . These characteristics also provide excellent cutting performance on any food such as meat, fish and vegetables, including sticky foods, and are very easy to clean, preventing the buildup of bacteria and corrosion.

Q. Does the coating ever peel off? What should I do if it comes off?

>> The coating will not come off. We have never had such a problem. If it does come off, it will be covered under warranty.

Q. How do I maintain the product? How often do I need to use the sharpener?

>> Ceramic coated ZENKO FUSION knives maintain their sharpness for a long time. There is no need to use a sharpener unless you feel that the initial sharpness has been lost. If you feel that the sharpness is getting dull, please follow the instructions below.

1) First, insert the knife blade into the slot at an angle of 90° to the sharpener, at the bottom of the left photo, the black blade marked "CARBIDE".
② Pull the knife toward you two or three times while pushing it in lightly (right photo).
③ Next, on the upper side of the left photo, toward the white blade marked "CERAMIC," insert the knife blade into the slot at a 90° angle to the sharpener.
4) While pushing in hard, pull the knife blade toward you three or four times.
⑤Wipe the knife with a damp cloth.

Q. Can I use it on a BBQ or outdoors?

>> Yes. It will definitely help you cut meat on the BBQ. However, make sure to keep the knife away from the heat of the grill; the ZENKO FUSION knife is a seamless, integrated knife and the handle may get hot.

Q. Can left-handed people use this product?

>> Yes. The shape is designed for left and right handed people, so you can use it in the same way as right handed people.

Q. Is there a manufacturer's warranty?

>> Yes. All knives are covered by a one-year manufacturer's warranty. This warranty applies in the event of a manufacturing defect, such as a broken component or a defective coating as noted above. It does not cover defects caused by user origin.

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