Boiled egg timer"Beep Egg"that tells you how to boil your favorite with 3 kinds of melodies

Water You can do that while you're doing other things!

Can be used from water or hot water!

Whether you're boiling one or 20 at once, it's OK! 7704/files/eggpoint_480x480.png?v=1607323651" alt="" width="31" height="37">Patented technology works in any situation!

How to use

Store the eggs you bought and BeepEgg together
*The key is to store BeepEgg at the same temperature as the eggs

< span>Put them on the fire together

Please wait for the music to play


BeepEgg ¥2,980 each Purchase at here

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Three different songs tell you how to go from tender half-boiled to hard boiled

1. "Killing Me Softly" Soft (tender eggs)

2. . "Triumphal Symphony (Verdi)" Medium (half-boiled egg)

3. "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Mozart)" Hard (hard-boiled egg)

3. "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Mozart)" Hard (Hard Boiled Egg)

Other products are set to a melody that matches the image of that product!

3,200 yen each

BEEPEGG Character Collection

¥3,800 each

Artist Collaboration

 ¥3,800 each

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Awards galore! (Europe)

SEHR GUT (Excellent) award in Emporio Test Magazine


Winner in numerous egg timer contests on TV, radio and magazines!